Janek Schaefer

Walton-on-Thames, UK

Janek Schaefer is a versatile artist, composer, and professor. While studying Architecture at the Royal College of Art, he created Recorded Delivery, capturing fragmented sounds on a sound-activated dictaphone during an overnight journey through the Post Office. This work was featured in the Self Storage exhibition with Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson, and Artangel.

Over the years, Schaefer has explored various aspects of sound, resulting in site-specific installations, soundtracks, albums, and performances, using self-built devices and found sound collage. He has exhibited and performed globally, including at Sonar, Tate Modern, and Sydney Opera House. His work focuses on the spatial dimensions of sound and blends old and new technology, often exploring themes of appropriation and alteration.

In 2008, he received the Paul Hamlyn Award and the British Composer of the Year Award in Sonic Art. He was awarded the title of UK’s Best Mobile DJ in 2020. Schaefer serves as a Visiting Professor in Sound Art and has earned accolades in the field.