Ana Helder

Buenos Aires

Since her debut EP in 2011 on Cómeme, Ana has developed a steady, growing discography with deep musicality and an open attitude towards house, boogie, disco & funk. Her regular DJ sets are dedicated to the rougher side of dance music, with a strong focus on jacking beats and wild rhythms.

In 2011 she was selected for the Red Bull Music Academy that took place in Madrid. Since then she has performed at some of the world’s most respected clubs and festivals including Panorama Bar, Contact Tokyo, Salon des Amateurs, Zukunft and her DJ sets have featured on radio stations such as Boiler Room, Red Light Radio, Beats In Space and Dublab.

In recent years she has released new EPs on Müstique, Optimo Music Digital Danceforce and Astro Lab Recordings. In 2022 Ana launched her band Por Mercurio, a mesmerising mixture of experimental electronic sounds, latin rhythms, dub and tango nuances.