London, UK

The emerging sounds of house music from 1980s Chicago served as a significant influence on Capracara’s acid-infused debut, Opal Rush/Flashback 86. This caught the attention of DJs such as Optimo, Morgan Geist, DJ Hell, and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, who commissioned Capracara’s next release: the Frictionless Polyrhythmic Groove of King of the Witches for the revered NYC label DFA.

Capracara’s sound underwent another transformation with three consecutive releases on DJ Haus’ renowned Unknown To The Unknown label. Tracks like Ronin and his remix of Ohm’s early 90s classic Tribal Tone pay homage to the bubbling house and garage sounds of both the UK and the US. Around this time, Capracara became a part of Matias Aguayo’s Cómeme collective, contributing tracks and remixes to the label.

His most recent singles, Flooded and Club Ozone (created in collaboration with SMBD, aka Simbad), have been released through What About Never, a label curated by UK-based producer Secondo.