Michal Turtle

Basel, Switzerland

Mike started playing drums and piano at a young age and was involved in local youth orchestras as well as his high school jazz band, the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and various local rock bands. In the late 70s he studied percussion under James Blades at the Royal Academy of Music in London, whilst also playing with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and drumming for pop legend Kathy Kirby.

In 1983 he recorded the highly coveted solo album Music from the Living Room which was released by cult record label Shout. He moved to Switzerland in the late 80s and has worked as a programmer, arranger, composer and producer, writing jingles for radio and TV, as well as producing, arranging and playing with a diverse range of artists.

2015 saw the release of several reissue compilations on Music From Memory and subsequent collaboration projects with Suso Saiz. He is now performing all over Europe and continues to work as an Engineer at Daylight Studios.